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                   Welcome to Salute to Youth!                            
  'Salute To Youth' is a great website aimed at all you young (and young-at-heart) Foden's fans out there!  The main aim is to showcase our fabulous 'Foden's Youth Band', but it's also full of other things for you to look at and enjoy!

We’ve got Merchandise, ‘Tips From The Top’, News, Competitions,
Patron information, and lots, lots more, so hopefully you'll visit the site again and
again and again…!  Tell everyone about us!
We've got links to Facebook and Twitter so keep in touch and let us know how we're doing.  In fact we reckon that the site will be so popular you’ll have to
elbow the wrinklies out of the way just to get a look in!
We also have a Youth Patrons Society, so if you’re interested in becoming a Patron     have a look.  There are great perks if you join -
the best being the chance to get a lesson with one of
Foden’s principal players!
Safe surfing everyone…!

Latest News

  • 2013 Solo comp adjudicators announced!

    New Classes...Following the fantastic response to Foden's 2nd competition in 2012, we are delighted to announce that we have made some exciting changes to the competition, a couple of which I'm keepin

  • 3rd Adjudicator Announced!

    Due to the overwhelming response to our 2nd annual solo, duet and quartet competition, we found ourselves in the totally enviable, and unprecedented, position of having to find a 3rd adjudicator. 

  • Comp email numero due!

    Well, competition day is fast approaching and we've been hard at work accomodating all your requests regarding timings etc.  I hope everyone is happy with the arrangements for the day.  I

  • Flowcrete saves the day

    During the recent postal strikes the Fodens Patrons showed just how they could pull out all the stops to help out a patron in distress…Young Sion Rhys Jones from Bryncrug in Wales had only just

  • Christmas Choccies!

    Get Your Stocking Fillers Here...!If you're stuck for something just that little bit special, why not think about buying some of our lovely Christmas choccies?Hand-made by Nicola from the lovely littl

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